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Stable Homes for Oregon Families statement on amendments to HB 2004A

Salem, Ore. – On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Human Services voted to pass HB 2004A on to the full Senate with a significant amendment that will weaken the bill’s proposed tenant protections. The amended bill will leave in place the statewide ban on local rent stabilization policies while retaining some limits on no-cause evictions. Following the vote, Pam Phan, Policy and Organizing Director for the Community Alliance of Tenants, issued the following statement on behalf of Stable Homes for OregonFamilies:

“The amendment passed today keeps in place the statewide ban on rent stabilization, meaning Oregonians will continue to face extreme rent increases. Property managers and rent-gouging landlords will continue to be able to increase – even double – rents. Our coalition is deeply disappointed that lawmakers failed to recognize the needs of their constituents, leaving vulnerable Oregonians who are struggling and unable to pay these increases to be displaced from their communities. As we’ve seen across the state, the loss of a home is devastating to residents, and overall for our communities.

Even as the committee failed to protect tenants who are being priced out of their homes, the committee did provide some basic protections for tenants who are being evicted from their homes through no fault of their own. HB 2004A would limit the use of no-cause evictions. That will help many Oregon families stay in their homes in the face of a statewide housing crisis. Even as amended, HB 2004A will mean that fewer Oregonians will face displacement and homelessness, and we strongly urge the Senate to pass this important bill.

We look forward to the day this legislation crosses Governor Brown’s desk for her signature and the40 percent of Oregonians who rent their homes can walk through the door to their home secure in the knowledge that it can't be taken away suddenly and without a valid reason.

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