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‘I would need a second job’: Oregon tenants react to 14.6% rent increase cap

BY COLBY ENEBRAD | CENTRAL OREGON DAILY NEWS | Wednesday, September 14th 2022

The state of Oregon has set next year’s maximum allowable rent increase to 14.6% next year, the highest jump in the 21st century.

“I’m super anxious, worried, concerned… confused,” local tenant Maggie said. “I already work over 50 hours a week and I would need to do more than that. I would need a second job, I would need a raise. I would need to move.”

Senator Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., says the cap helps prevent price gouging. He also says he does not think landlords could justify raising rates to the full amount.

“I think it’s an important law,” Merkley said. “I think most families would say ‘14% would really hurt us.’ Raising rates to anywhere near that would be abusive.”

Evictions are also up across the state.

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