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Tenant protections included in the Fair Shot Agenda

We are thrilled that Fair Shot for All has officially made tenant protections part of its 2017 Legislative Agenda! Their agenda will enable Oregon to move forward in ending systemic inequities in our state. Fair Shot describes the importance of how tenant protections will help create opportunity for all Oregonians:

"Though a basic element of life, wages aren’t keeping up with rapidly rising housing costs, and working Oregonians are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. In fact, in one month alone, Portland rents increased by 14 percent—the largest increase in the country. In addition, landlords maintain the legal right to remove a tenant from their housing without cause—regardless of paying rent on time, regardless of being a 'good tenant' and without adequate legal recourse. By preventing no-cause evictions and repealing the ban on rent stabilization, we will help working families maintain housing stability and curb homelessness."

Check out the full agenda and learn more here.

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