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Oregon landlords get millions in back rent, but many await aid

Oregon still faces backlog from tenants, but may qualify for more federal money that was unspent elsewhere.

By Peter Wong

Despite millions of dollars paid out by a federal deadline of Sept. 30, thousands of Oregonians continue to await emergency rental assistance as their applications slip past state and local grace periods intended to avert evictions.

The backlog remains greatest in the three Portland metro area counties, where 42.1% of completed applications have been paid through Oct. 18, compared with 54.5% statewide.

Still, the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services and 18 community action agencies paid out a total of $133 million by a Sept. 30 deadline set by the U.S. Treasury for states to commit at least 65% of their initial shares of rental assistance. Oregon's initial share was $204 million, and Oregon is in line for more money that will be reallocated from other states failing to spend their full amounts.


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