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Statement: "Oregon lawmakers move one step closer towards reducing displacement and homelessnes

Salem, Ore. – On June 28, 2017 the Senate Rules Committee voted to pass HB 2004B with the –B21 amendments.

Following the vote, Pam Phan, Policy and Organizing Director for the Community Alliance of Tenants, issued the following statement on behalf of Stable Homes for Oregon Families:

“With this vote, Oregon lawmakers have moved one step closer towards reducing displacement and homelessness for our state’s children, families and working people. With time in the Legislative session running out, we urge the full Senate to pass HB 2004 quickly. Limiting no-cause evictions is the moral standard by which Oregon will be judged for years to come. Renters across the state—in rural, urban, or suburban communities—have told us that they are struggling in this severe housing crisis and urgently need the protections of the bill. How can we expect children to succeed when a record number of students are experiencing homelessness? Oregon must act now. We cannot wait another two years when lives are at stake.”

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