of Oregonians

are renters &

can be facing homelessness in 3 months or less

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No-cause evictions and excessive rent increases are disrupting lives and damaging Oregon communities.

It will be years before Oregon’s affordable housing supply catches up with demand. Meanwhile, nearly 22,000 Oregon children and youth don’t have stable housing, leaving them 28.7% less likely to be on track to graduate on time. Children of color are particularly at risk. Young people are sleeping in cars, in tents, on couches, and in shelters. This is a statewide crisis that is within our power to fix.

Lawmakers must act in 2019

The right solution, the right time.

Over 40% of Oregonians are renters. Our state’s children and families need stronger tenant protections to avoid homelessness and set the course for a bright future. A coalition of over 70 groups representing Oregonians across the state are calling for an end to no-cause evictions statewide and a reasonable rent stabilization policy that protects tenants from displacement.

It's important that lawmakers hear our stories.

Please share your story with us today and we will help get it to your lawmaker. Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.

When decisions are being made about tenant and landlord rights, tenants must have a voice!