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Tell your legislator: protect Oregon Renters!

One of the most effective ways to get involved is to share your story. Property owners and managers are organizing and contacting legislators to share why it's important to them to be able to keep the housing market the way that it is. They do this through phone calls, emails, media stories, and sometimes even in person with their legislators.

We must lift our voices too.

The most powerful way you can get involved is to share your story with your legislator or someone who will be speaking with your legislator. Many of our champions are looking for stories to illustrate the importance of enacting meaningful system change that supports renters. You can help.


The Oregon Legislature has an online tool that can be used to find your legislators. You simply enter your address, click enter and it will show you who represents your district. Write down their contact information.


Craft your message or story

The Oregon Legislature is tasked with making decisions that are best for everyone in the state. Think about the ways your personal story has impacted those around you (your job, your schools, your children, your doctor, your neighbors). Did you miss time from work? Did your child's grades start changing? Did you end up getting sick more times than usual? Did you lose friendships? Share these impacts along with your story. Then be sure to be frank and say, "I expect you, as my elected leader to help protect all Oregonians from the damage of forced and involuntary housing instability. Ban no-cause evictions and allow cities to enact rent-stabilization as they see fit.""I expect you  e


Contact them!

Give a call to your legislator's office, write a letter, or send an email that contains your story. Then follow up again in a couple days or couple weeks with another contact.

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