Oregon households are at risk of eviction because of the assistance backlog

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No one who has applied for assistance should be evicted. 

This is urgent! Nearly 12,000 Oregon renting households have applied for assistance but have been waiting so long for their application to be processed that they are on the other side of the safe harbor time that SB 278 provided. They have been waiting more than 60 days, more than 90 days, and sometimes longer.


Meanwhile, more than 50% of court evictions since July of 2021 have been for non-payment, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  An eviction now will have lifelong effects on people who lose their homes because of the rent assistance backlog. Lives will be disrupted, children may have to change schools, families may have to be separated. 


The Oregon Legislature has taken bold action to stop evictions and displacement during the COVID crisis. Now they must hold a special eviction prevention special session to keep people safe and stable in their homes until all the rent assistance can be processed. 

Lawmakers must act fast!

We have the money. Now we need more time. 

Oregon has received hundreds of millions of dollars in rent assistance. They have more money for rent assistance this year than in the past 10 years! 

The demand for this money has overwhelmed the system. That means we need to stop evictions while the rent assistance applications are being processed.


NO ONE should be evicted who has applied for help and is waiting for the check to come.