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rent increase in 2023


of court eviction filings are because rents are unaffordable

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As we work to get more people housed, we must stop revolving door evictions.

Join us in taking action on the Stable Homes for Oregon Families Homelessness Prevention Package for 2023:​

  • Rent Assistance to help people who need it, 

  • Eviction Reform to stop fast-track evictions, provide a short safe harbor period and prevent landlords from refusing payments when people have the money

  • Reasonable Rent Limits so that people can afford their housing, and, 

  • Rental Market Data so we know more about property owners and housing availability. 

Four in 10 Oregonians rent their homes and after making the rent payment, more than 50% of them don’t have enough money left over after paying the rent for food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other necessities. 


The 14.6% allowable rent increase for 2023 is shocking and cannot be repeated in future years. With so many people living on the edge, that is simply not affordable for most Oregon renters. It will result in high-rent homelessness. 


Already, more than 86% of all evictions happen because someone is behind on their rent. It's time to take action to roll back the rent increases! 


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